Director Internal Marketing


7+ years

About BuildingBlocks​

Regardless of whether accomplishing astounding customer work or aiding assemble our organization from the inside, our different gifted organization shares a solitary mission: to fabricate lovely encounters that decidedly affect individuals’ lives and the organizations we serve.


Our way of life is more reason than work, mixing the quest for certified human association with a fastidious way to deal with the things we make. All with an idealistic soul.


We’re an organization that is adequately youthful to be fun and defiant – yet intense and driven enough to immensely affect the business.

Job Description

Buildingblocks, is excited to announce that we are hiring a Director of Internal Marketing. The Director of Internal Marketing will be responsible for the oversight and implementation of a variety of initiatives aimed at increasing the Organization’s brand visibility. We have so many stories to tell of the people who work here, our incredible clients, and the things we achieve together.

Responsibilities and Duties


Transcend Digital  is a full-service agency that powers game-changing companies and global influencers. Our core strategic engagements in branding, platform design, campaigns and video content consistently drive greater consumer action and awareness. Boasting a track record that can speak for itself, Transcend Indian arm Buildingblocks has successfully completed hundreds of projects and is looking to scale its business in India.


Building Blocks is a multi-disciplined Venture Studio with a founders first mentality, helping teams from ideation through launch and beyond. At Building Blocks, we work on crafting unreal, digital experiences for our customers, through the rise of digital technology and data. Our team of experts help in dissecting existing issues and open opportunities across the organization, in vital segments. Right from the get-go, we focus on creating solutions worthy of being industry headlines, at your organization. We also help you achieve your short and long-term business goals across marketing, operations, digital technology, while aiming to continuously innovate your business model towards a sustainable and profitable future.

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