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We are CX ninjas with a track record of execution since our inception in February 2013






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WHY Buildingblocks

We serve at the pleasure of our clients

Buildingblocks is a technology-forward agency rooted in digital transformation. Since our inception in February 2013, we have been customer obsessed in all our initiatives. Our expertise in customer experience, business processes and technology execution allow us map digital ecosystems that maximize ROI and customer retention.

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Customer Experience

Creation of omni-channel experiences that give customer’s a holistic picture of your brand. Every touch point matters.

Business Experience

Understanding the inner layers of a company and how it operates is paramount in developing impactful solutions.

Technology Experience

Developing software that garners efficiency and maps the digitial ecosystem.

We focus on a perfect blend between business experience, customer experience and IT experience. By achieving this balance, we help businesses reach their goals and customer delight.

Madhu Subramanian

Chief Executive Officer

At the core of our company is extremely passionate people seeking to push the limits of digital transformation for our clients. We are always looking for talented technologists that are ready to take their careers to the next level.

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