AIWO is a global health care enabler that aims to improve the health quotient of individuals of all ages.




Web Application



AIWO Health.

AIWO provides solutions to individuals and healthcare providers targeted at preventing and possibly reversing metabolic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, PCOS, liver disease and others. For healthy individuals, a variety of products and services are available for physical, functional and cognitive performance enhancement.


The AIWO team was in need of a HIPAA compliant technology platform to support a compliant interaction between practitioners and patients. The platform needed to support virtual visits (i.e. TeleMedicine), prescription filling and e-commerce.


Buildingblocks Software developed a HIPAA commpliant web application and commerce portal. Buildingblocks Software developed proprietary algorithms to analyse the various test data together to arrive at comprehensive health analysis and a set of recommendations to reduce health risks and enhance functional and cognitive performance. This algorithm is now being introduced to medical practitioners and a version of it is also available to individual users.