Neurun is a mental preparation mobile app for endurance runners.




iOS, Andriod




Neurun is a visual and mental prep Sector for socially-distanced endurance races. Prepare to compete against other runners in the local area on the same outdoor course, within an event-specified time frame.


Neurun’s founder and CEO, Cade Netscher, a neuro-science graduate, was seeking to build a mobile application that enabled runners to mentally prepare for marathon races. The app needed to allow runners to see a race course prior to actually running a long-distance marathon. The application need to host marathon course video content and map data from the physical world to overlay onto the course video (altitude, mile-markers, etc.). Commerce and social integrations were necessary as well to enable brand sponsored commerce as well as community engagement amongst runners around the globe.


Buildingblocks Software developed the mobile applications (iOS and Android) that power the training of endurance runners around the world. The applications allow for users to –

Cade Netscher

Founder & CEO of Neurun

I came to Buildingblocks Software looking for help to build a simple MVP for my startup Neurun. What I found was a team that had the excitement to build the MVP, the knowledge to build out the tech infrastructure needed to quickly scale, and the commitment to be a tech partner in the journey to make the long term vision of the company a reality. One major highlight in our journey so far together was getting our tech featured in Forbes and a few days later being 1 of 10 companies selected (out of 300 international sport tech startups) to join Adidas’s global accelerator in Paris in 2019.